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Eleven minors in Xinjiang Province detained by PSB officials released

Posted by radiofreechina on March 3, 2008

By Michael Ireland
Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service

XINJIANG, CHINA (ANS) China Aid Association (CAA) has learned that at 10pm Beijing time on February 29, the 11 minors and 2 adults detained by Xinjiang Public Security Bureau officials in Huocheng County, Qingshuihe township have been released by authorities and charges have been dropped.

According to sources, PSB officials received phone calls regarding the case while the House Church members were still in the process of interrogation.

The rapid release of the prisoners is attributed to the amount of attention the case has received, and the rapid response of the media in questioning the actions of these Government officials.

The 11 minors and 2 adults were detained by Xinjiang PSB officials while attending a House Church Bible Study in Houcheng County, Qingshuihe township.

At 9:00pm PSB officials disrupted the gathering and detained the minors along with Ms. Fun Jun (41), owner of the house, and Ms. Lu Lanxiang (42). The children, ages 16-17, were brought to the Qingshuihe township PSB office in freezing weather and were not allowed to bring adequate clothing.

Sources close to CAA said that 16 year old Lou Nan, daughter of pastor Lou Yuanqi, who pastors the house church, was one of the detained. Pastor Lou Yuanqi was not present during the detention of the other members. Pastor Lou was detained on October 20, 2002, along with 3 other pastors for organizing the House Church. All 3 pastors served 32 days in detention where they were severely beaten by guards and inmates daily.

The 13 members who were detained were held by Qingshuihe township PSB officials under the charge of “illegal religious gathering.” Family members were denied visitation.

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