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Two female House Church Alliance leaders Detained in Henan

Posted by radiofreechina on February 20, 2008

Four leaders sentenced to 5-day detention for distributing religious literature in Zhejiang

By Michael Ireland
Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service

LUOHE CITY, HENAN PROVINCE, CHINA (ANS) Two 24 year old Chinese House Church Alliance leaders were detained while awaiting transportation to Beijing.

China Aid Association (CAA) it has learned that at 11pm on February 18 at Luohe train station, Ms. Dong Shanshan and Ms. Xu Yuanyuan, who are both theological teachers within the Alliance churches, were taken away by 12 PSB (Public security Bureaua) officers, and their whereabouts are unknown.

CAA also said that four Christian women were sentenced to 5 days detention for distributing Gospel tracks at a bus station in Shujiang District, Taizhou city, Zhejiang province on January 31, 2008. The officers from PSB and RAB (Religious Affairs Bureau) accused them of “disturbing social order.” They were released on February 5 from Taizhou PSB Detention center. They are now preparing legal actions against the abusive PSB officers.

A news releases from CAA says: “These latest incidents are clear evidence that the CPC is adamant about dismantling the House Church Alliance before the Beijing Olympic Games. The Chinese Government is also trying to alienate the Alliance’s President, Zhang Mingxuan.”

It adds: “The two sisters who were taken, were members of the House Church Alliance. We ask for urgent prayer for them, as their whereabouts are unknown, and they may be facing extreme interrogation, humiliation, and even torture.”

China Aid Association
Tel: (432) 689-6985
Fax: (432) 686-8355


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