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China: Projected Number of Men without Wives Massively Increased

Posted by radiofreechina on August 27, 2007

By 2020, 37 million Chinese men would be unable to find wives if trends continue

By Elizabeth O’Brien

BEIJING, China, August 27, 2007 ( – Recent demographic reports are showing that the ratio of males to females in China is spiraling out of control. If the increasing imbalance, caused primarily by sex-selected abortions and infanticide, is not remedied, it will lead to increased crimes against women and the threat of an aggressively militant state.

In January Chinese media reports said that by 2020, 30 million Chinese men would be unable to find wives (See Since then, however, recent reports indicate that the numbers have dramatically risen. According to these findings, the imbalance will increase to 37 million more marriageable Chinese men than marriageable women by 2020, the Guardian Unlimited reports.

Nationwide there are 119 Chinese males for every 100 females rather than the average 105 males for every 100 females in the Western developed nations, ABC News reports. In some regions, however, there is an even greater divide with 130 males to 100 females. The city of Lianyungang in Jiangsu province has the most marked difference of 163.5 boys to 100 girls among children aged one to four. According to a recent report by the China Family Planning Association (CFPA), 99 cities in China have sex ratios above 125 boys per 100 girls.

Although there are two Chinese laws preventing sex-based abortion, this is ignored in many places throughout China. In some cases, the doctor gives a thumbs up to the parents if their unborn child is a boy and a thumbs down if it is a girl. People often abort their baby girls, especially in rural areas, because they want a son to support themselves and the grandparents in their old age.

Within the past few years, the Chinese government has offered various attempts to remedy the skewed male to female ratio. In 2003 a “Care for Girls” policy was introduced which gave financial benefits to parents with female children as well as a pro-female child slogan campaign. Such efforts have not affected the situation, however, which is a direct result of the government’s one-child policy and its forced methods of population control.

In order to stem the problem, China is planning to crack down on medical institutions that tell parents the sex of their child. In light of the recent population reports, the government announced that it would draft new legislation to punish sex-selected abortions.

If the lopsided ratio does not improve, Chinese society will suffer a rise in prostitution, wife kidnapping and other forms of sexual violence against women-abuses that have already grown within the country. Some predict that the situation will also lead to increased militancy and terrorism in China (See

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