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House Church in Military Raided in Xinjiang; Xinjiang Military Issues Documents Holding Relatives of Christians Responsible for Gathering

Posted by radiofreechina on August 6, 2007

Texas (August 5, 2007)-CAA learned a military House Church in Xinjiang was raided and members were detained and abused during their interrogation. Some of their relatives were punished by the military.
According to reliable sources, on June 1, a House Church at the house of brother Gao Hongzhi was raided by 10 PSB officers. Six believers including Mr. Gao was detained for 12 hours until the following morning. One believer was beaten up during the detention time. Mr. Gao’s house was searched without a search warrant and Bibles, calendars, and a blackboard were confiscated as “illegal religious materials” without issuing official confiscation paper. The believers were video taped without permission. They were forced to sign a document entitled “Document on Guarantees and Responsibilities”.
The document issued by agencies under Division 49 of 3rd Agricultural Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps holding relatives of Christians responsible if these Christians are found to be in a gathering, sharing Gospel materials, Bible studies, or other activities. According to this document, the relatives of Christians have the obligation to help the Christians reform; they must always be watchful of the activities of the Christians; they must make sure these Christians don’t meet in a gathering and prevent them from establishing ties with each, sharing Christian literature, and materials, etc. The last part of the documents provides a list of penalties on the relatives for failing to supervise the Christians well.

Subsequently another secret document issued on June 29, 2007 is entitled “Document from Committee of Company 49 of 3rd Agricultural Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps of the Communist Party of China, Tuan Dang Fa (2007) No. 16” a circular detailing the penalties dealt out to the son of Gao Hongzhi and two Party secretaries for failing to supervise the Christians well. The two Party secretaries were fined and Gao Hongzhi’s son was dismissed.

This production and construction corps has been under military control since 1959 when the PLA rushed to Xinjiang and crushed the Uygur rebels now deemed as secessionists.

China Aid thinks this is a step backward on the social progress in China and urges the authorities at Division 49 of 3rd Agricultural Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps to go with the tide of history and repeal these documents and guarantee religious freedom for house church Christians in Xinjiang.
Issued by CAA on August 5, 2007


新疆军垦农场家庭教会受公安袭击; 军垦农场党委下达文件惩罚基督徒的亲属和两党支部书记

Contact: Bob Fu

新疆军垦农场家庭教会受公安袭击; 军垦农场党委下达文件惩罚基督徒的亲属和两党支部书记


对华援助协会获悉, 2007年6月1日晚上 中共新疆生产建设兵团 农三师49团机关的领导干部和49团派出所等20多人到高洪芝家对反邪教进行突击搜查.当天晚上有5位老人和一位年轻人员在房里唱主歌,有10几人直接闯进房子进行盘问,把当时的情况都照了相和录象,并把他们带走。把房子的圣经、挂历、黑板全部拿走,并把6人全部带入派出所进行调查。在派出所里对年轻的弟兄,在盘问中进行殴打和辱骂,还让弟兄面壁思过。对高洪芝和年轻弟兄扣留12个小时(一晚上轮流审查,不让坐下休息一会).在6月2日早上让年轻的弟兄对派出所的房内和院子进行打扫。直到写了保证书才让回家.(保证内容,不聚会、随传随到)。

搜查人员没有出示任何证件.随后,迫使高洪芝签定担保责任书.该责任书由 四十九团党委610办和四十九团党委防范和处理邪教问题领导小组办公室以及四十九团政法办签发.该文件(担保责任书)规定基督徒的亲属应为基督徒的行为负责,如果基督徒串联、讲经、聚会、上访、游行或传阅有关书籍、画像、图册及其它音像资料,这些亲属会受到严肃处理。该文件还规定基督教信仰者的亲属有责任和义务对其开展帮助教育和转化工作;基督教信仰者的亲属对基督教信仰者的活动情况要做到心中有数,随时掌握基督教信仰者的思想动态;基督教信仰者的亲属必须保证基督教信仰者不在任何场所参加任何形式的聚会。





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