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Two teachers seriously wounded in Chinese police attack against Vacation Bible School while House Church leaders are also arrested in recent police action

Posted by radiofreechina on July 19, 2007

By Michael Ireland
Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service

MIDLAND, TEXAS (ANS) — A total of 15 house church leaders were detained in Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu and Anhui province and a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for 150 children was attacked with two teachers beaten and hospitalized between July 10-14.

According to eyewitness reports cited by China Aid Association ( , on July 14, four leaders were taken away and detained from the home of Pastor FU Pengtu at Wuda District, Wuhai city, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

At 11:30 am, four military police from the Public Security Bureau of Wuhai City rushed to Pastor FU’s house without providing any legal papers and arrested Pastor FU’s wife GAO Chinxia (31-years-old), sister XIE Yanan, Pastor LIU Yukang, and sister CHEN Binghui. Among them, sister XIE and CHEN are house church missionaries from Pingdingshan city, Henan province.

CAA also says a Vacation Bible School for 150 children was attacked in Jiangsu Province. At 4 pm on July 11, Zhongzhuang House Church in Jianhu City , Jiangsu Province, suffered persecution. Eyewitness reports say that while the church was conducting a VBS named “Harmony Express,” the county government, the Public Security Bureau (PSB), and the Committee of Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM), along with policemen, sent 10 vehicles. They took away 8 people from the church, including the pastor of the church and teachers for the VBS.

In its report, released to the media, CAA says: “In assaulting the church members, they resorted to brute force and injured 2 of the church workers. One of them, brother WANG Ya, is still going through emergency treatment in a hospital after he lost consciousness for half an hour. Another brother has had 3 stitches. The 2 brothers who were hospitalized were so beaten that blood came out from their mouths. A total of 10 people were taken away by the PSB, including the church leader Pastor ZENG Zhengliang..”

The CAA report adds: “Church property, including a video camera, a computer and movie camera, were taken by force without receipts. The 150 children were traumatized and they asked to leave the school. Pastor ZENG used to be a respected pastor in the local TSPM church, but last year he was forced to leave the TSPM because he didn’t agree with the TSPM’s liberal, government-dictated theology. After being forced to leave the TSPM church, Pastor Zeng planted a house church.”

Meanwhile, on July 10,CAA says the PSB of Mingguang county, Anhui province, detained a local house church leader. Pastor LU Jingxiang was taken away from his house at Qiaotou town, Mingguang county. The PSB didn’t provide any legal paper for the arrest and claimed that pastor LU was involved “illegal religious activities.”

“We urge President Bush and other administration officials to speak more forcefully on the deteriorating situation of religious persecution in China,” says CAA’s Bob Fu. CAA also urges the Chinese government to immediately release these arrested pastors.

Interested individuals may communicate their concern to the Chinese authorities at the following addresses:

Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong,
Embassy of the People’s Republic of China
2300 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC 20008
TEL: 202-7456743
Director of Religious Affairs: (202) 328-2512

Premier Wen Jiabao, PRC
PO Box 1741, The State Council, Beijing , PRC (zip code 100017)Contact Phone:10-66012399

Ms. Wu Aiying, minister of Ministry of Justice of PRC
Tel: 10-65205114
Fax: 10-64729863
Address:No. 10, Nan Da Jie, Chaoyangmen, Beijing City (Zip Code: 100020)


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