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Guo Feixiong Tortured While Under Detention in February, Asks Lawyer to Report Incident to Beijing

Posted by radiofreechina on May 29, 2007

郭飞雄见律师诉遭酷刑逼供 要求紧急向中央举报 [] (Google translated to English)

Guo Feixiong

Guo Fei-hung’s wife Xiao Qing Zhang quoted Hu lawyers May 28 meeting, Guo Fei-hung has said the situation. 她说:“2月12日那天,他坐了老虎凳四个小时,把手反在后面,几乎把人吊起来差不多三百六十度的那种角度。他们就用高压电棍击打他的手和脸,都肿了。还用电棍击打男性生殖器,没脱衣服,还打耳光,几十次。She said : “February 12 that day, he was sitting on the Laohudeng four hours behind the anti-handle, almost to the man hanging from almost 360 degrees up the kind of perspective. They used high-pressure electric batons to hit his hands and face. all swollen. also beaten with electric batons male genitalia, not undress, slapping, scores.

在遭受这样残酷刑讯逼供的羞辱之后,他2月13日自杀未遂。The confession was subjected to cruel humiliation after his February 13th suicide attempt.


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