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Tiananmen Square massacre denial by Mal Lik raises protest

Posted by radiofreechina on May 18, 2007

Tiananmen Mothers tell Beijing to remove Ma Lik who “has utterly gone under the baseline” (

Hong Kong (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Pressure continues to mount against pro-Beijing National People’s Congress member Ma Lik, who denied that the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown was a massacre and said that the Territory’s voters should wait till 2022 for full universal suffrage. His doubts about the feasibility of some of the ways people were killed and how their bodies were disposed outraged many. Mr Ma, for instance, questioned the estimated death toll because of the time it would have taken to cremate them. He also suggested a pig could be thrown in front of a tank to see whether bodies could really be crushed into “minced meat.”



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