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Beijing House Church Rights Activist facing trial in two weeks

Posted by radiofreechina on May 15, 2007

Christian rights activist Hua Huiqi facing trial in two weeks
His mother Ms. Shuang Shuying treated in hospital for prisoners for serious health condition

By Michael Ireland
Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service

MIDLAND, TEXAS (ANS) — According to China Aid Association,Beijing house church rights activist brother Hua Huiqi’s trial will likely open in two weeks at Chaoyang District People’s Court.

CAA has learned from Mr. Hua Huiqi’s lawyer and close relative that his case has been transferred to the court last Thursday. But the court has blocked his lawyer to meet with Hua.
“Mr. Hua’s 76-year-old mother sister Shuang Shuying is being held in an emergent medical center. She is in very serious health situation. She has been treated in that medical center since she was sentenced to 2-years imprisonment,” says an e-mail update from CAA.

CAA says on February 26 and then in April the Beijing Intermediate People’s Court rejected her appeal.

“She is held in the kitchen hall in an one bedroom apartment with two other female prisoners while two female PSB officers staying at the bedroom with 24/7 observation. The doctor said she is too weak to send to a formal prison because of her heart problem, diabetes and other medical problems.”

Please write and call to show your concern.
Sister Shuang Shuying’s address:
Beijing 999 Emergency Treatment Center, Dewai Qinghe Nanzhen Town(zip code: 100085), Beijing, China
Tel: 10-62922345

Brother Hua Huiqi’s address:
Beijing Chaoyang District Detention Center, Jia Yi Hao, Changying Town, Beijing, China(zip code 100024)
Director Mr. Feng and Mr. Ma, Tel: 01-65484804; 10-89663087; 10-65484804



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