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Beijing Elderly Christian Sentenced to 2 Years Imprisonment

Posted by radiofreechina on February 27, 2007

CAA learned that Beijing house church activist Hua Huiqi’s 77-year-old mother, Ms.
Shuang Shuying was sentenced to two years by Beijing Chongwen District People’s
Court on February 26, 2007 on the charge of willfully damaging public and private

The Court only spent an hour hearing this case and quickly sent the verdict. Since
the trial date was set on the first work day after the Chinese New Year period, her
lawyer was not able to collect any evidence to defend her. She was arrested when she
walked to the Chongwen district office to seek information about her son pastor Hua
Huiqi who was arrested since January 26. Hua is an active house church Christian in
Beijing. He has been passionately serving the ministry and assisting lots of
persecuted Christians and oppressed peasants. The Beijing government has been
seeking opportunities to take revenge against this family for their active support
of the oppressed.

“We are shocked by the injustice done to this elder Christian lady”said Bob Fu who
is the former coworker of Hua, “it definitely represents a new low on the so-called
rule of law in China especially in the host city of 2008 Summer Olympics.”

Letter of your concern can be sent to:
Premier Wen Jiabao, PRC
PO Box 1741, The State Council, Beijing, PRC (zip code 100017)
Contact Phone:+86-10-66012399
Ms. Wu Aiying, minister of Ministry of Justice of PRC
Address:No. 10, Nan Da Jie, Chaoyangmen, Beijing City (Zip Code: 100020)

Press release Issued by CAA on February 26, 2007


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