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RFA looks at trafficking of N. Korean women in China

Posted by radiofreechina on February 16, 2007

Radio Free China

Thousands of North Korean Women Sold as Slaves in China (

SEOUL—Thousands of North Korean women who fled famine in their homeland in recent years are believed to have been sold as “brides” to Chinese men, who often put them to backbreaking labor and subject them to constant fear, physical assault, and sexual abuse……

The jargon that human traffickers use to name their North Korean victims is “pigs,” a degrading word that evokes the treatment these women receive in China.

They describe nightmarish living conditions. Despite their relative youth, their faces are dark and stained and their hands prematurely wrinkled. To prevent the North Korean “bride” from fleeing, the husband’s relatives take turns watching her.

Bullying and physical violence are common, with some women deformed as a result. Unwanted sexual advances from other Chinese men are hard to refuse for fear of retaliatory deportation to North Korea, where returning defectors are often sent to labor camps.

“He hits me every day, for any trivial reason. It’s not that I want to live here, but I have nowhere else to go,” trafficking victim Hoh Kyung-Soon told RFA. “I’ve tried escaping twice. I was caught and beaten to a pulp.”



2 Responses to “RFA looks at trafficking of N. Korean women in China”

  1. dreamburo said

    Hi – I have now posted a far more extensive transcript of the RFA Korean 10-part series on the trafficking of North Korean women on the RFA blog here, in case you or your readers would like much more detail on this story.

  2. Thanks Dreamburo,
    I visited your site. Nice work! I added you to my blogroll.
    kind regards,
    Brother Barnabas

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