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House church raided in Anhui province

Posted by radiofreechina on January 27, 2007

House Church Worship Service Raided in Anhui Province; Inner Mongolia Christians Take Legal Measures to Protect Freedom; 9 Arrested Church Leaders in Henan Released after 15 Days of Detention.

CAA has learned local police raided a house church worship service in Zhangchong Township, Jinzhai County, Anhui province on January 24, 2007. Three Christians were taken to the police station and released after interrogation.
According to eyewitnesses, the raid happened around 10:00 AM when some Christians were having their worship service. Policemen from the County Public Security Bureau (PSB), local police station, county criminal police squad, and officers from the county Religious Affair Administrative Bureau broke into the house. They took pictures of every Christian in the room and asked for their names and identities.
The police then released most of the Christians and took three church leaders to the police station for interrogation. The police confiscated Bibles, hymn books, acoustic equipment, a blackboard, and the tither box without any legal procedure.
The police warned the three church leaders that they are not allowed to gather without the registration to the government.
China Aid Association has learned that the 3 organizers of a December 29, 2006 Christmas celebration activity in Naoer Town, Duolun County, Inner Mongolia, detained and released after 15 days in the local detention center, have taken legal measures to protect their Rights of Religious Freedom by submitting an Administrative Review Application of their punishment to the local government.
You can read the full “Punishment Notice” issued to the three Christians by the Local Security Bureau and the Christians’ Administrative Review Application on the China Aid website.
9 Arrested House Church Leaders in Henan Released after 15 Days of Detention.
China Aid Association has also learned that nine house church leaders arrested on January 6, 2007 in a raid by police in Yongfeng Township, Xiuwu County, Henan province were released on January 20, 2007, after 15 days of detention. The detained Christians were not given any legal certificate of their arrest, detention, or release. It is believed that the police deliberately do not provide the Christians any legal evidences to prevent future lawsuits.
“What the Yongfeng Township police station did is intolerable in a modern society.” Pastor Bob Fu, the president of China Aid Association said, “We appeal the Chinese government to investigate the responsibility of their illegal action.”


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